Testimonial: Jacques Joubert

Jacques Joubert (from George) writes: Hello. This is about my first impression of Geochang University and the dormitory. The University personnel were very friendly when I met them at Incheon Airport. I am always friendly and try really hard to keep all my work updated and send my reports in daily because of that I have had no problems with anyone. The University is kept in a good condition and very clean. The dormitory is also very clean and the rooms are bigger than I was expecting. There is enough room for me. The bathroom is very clean and comfortable. Only problem I do have with the bathroom is the water. If you are not smart and shower early you won’t get any warm water. You get your own desk and cabinet with a bed. The bed is really comfortable, better than the bed I had in South Africa. The desk has 3 drawers and it is a good size. The cabinet is great with more space I thought it would have. I have no problems there. Maybe not everyone will feel the same way for their first time but from the start I was very friendly to everyone and I did not try to expect too much and that is how I have made a lot of Korean friends and I want to make even more. From the beginning I did not try to compare anything to my country and accepted everything as it is. I recommend you should do the same. It will make everything easier and much more fun. Korea is a country of its own it should not be compared. You will be very busy so do not think you will always have time for yourself. I can’t keep up with everything but do not get me wrong. I really love being so busy. If I am not studying I am tutoring or playing Soccer or Basketball or just enjoying the outdoors. There is much more to tell you but I think it is better for you to experience some things on your own. Thanks 고맙습니다

Mrs June Park, self employed English teacher in Geochang and known to Geochang University

I would like to share several wonderful things you can get when you live in Geochang, South Korea.  Hi, I am June Park, who has lived in this town since 2005.  I was not afraid to move into this small town back from Langley, Canada, for it reminded me of my former residency, which was surrounded by beautiful forests and friendly neighbors. If you come and stay in this town, you might be attracted to local people so easily because you are different from us. But, being different is fascinating things in this small town.  You surely get great attentions.  Your Korean neighbors will say hello to you on the street, give you a great deal when you buy some goods and groceries on our traditional market, and invite you over for a friendly dinner. Living expenses is much lower when you live in a small town like Geochang compared to living in Seoul.  You don’t even need a car to get around this town.  Take your time and stroll around the neighborhood, or bike around.  You’d better not undermine the size of the town, but discover every corner of the town, and appreciate the cultural uniqueness, which might be hard to find in a bigger city. Ah! You want to shop? Is it hard to get good goodies in the local stores?  No worries.  You are always welcomed to shop online with the fastest Internet speed around the world. You can also receive a top-notch health service with fairly low cost.  The health practitioners are always kind and sincere as you walk into any clinic. You also get excellent tooth care in Geochang. You don’t have to feel trapped in the town.  You can adventure yourself to a metro city, like Seoul or Busan,  within 4 hours on the bus. Geographically, Geochang is located in the center of South Korea.  It gives you benefits to travel any areas across the country.  If you stayed at Seoul, you would need at least 7 hours to go down to a beautiful southern coastal area, Busan.  No doubt that Korea is a small country, but it has more advantages if you would like to travel with low budget.  It’s too good to be true. Overall, despite the fact that Geochang is a small town, you can’t imagine what you can get the most of it unless you venture yourself to this town.  We Gochangians welcome you to provide you with fresh local foods, kindness, smiles, and lots of hugs. Lots of love, June Park